10 Surprising Facts About Dubai’s Modelling Scene

Picture this, you’re holding a steaming cup of coffee as you flip through the glossy pages of Vogue. The stunning models, clad in brands synonymous with elegance, gaze back at you. You marvel at the glitz and glamour, but have you ever paused to wonder, what goes on behind this polished façade of Dubai’s modeling business?

A Peek Behind the Glossy Curtain

Dubai, the city of gold, houses an equally lush fashion and modeling industry that surprises many. We’re about to embark on an eye-opening journey, delving into ten surprising facts about Dubai’s modeling business that you probably didn’t know.

1. Not Just a Pretty Face: In this glittering world, it’s easy to assume models are mere clothes horses. But the reality is quite the opposite. These individuals must possess exceptional skills to survive in the highly competitive environment of fashion. A ‘successful casting’ in Dubai demands not only good looks but also charisma, professionalism and an extraordinary work ethic.

‘I’ve worked with models from all walks of life,’ remarks a renowned fashion choreographer from Dubai, ‘What strikes me the most is their resilience and dedication.’

Anecdotes such as these help us understand the gravity of a model’s job and the tireless efforts that go into making the fashion world as glamorous as it appears.

2. Diversity is Celebrated: The modelling scene in Dubai is a beautiful melting pot of diversity. Models from varied ethnic backgrounds, ages, and body types are embraced and celebrated here. This inclusivity distinguishes Dubai’s industry from others, making modelling a feasible profession for a broad spectrum of individuals.

‘Everyone here is different, and that’s the beauty of it,’ says a veteran model, originally from South America, working in Dubai.

In the Name of Fashion

3. Compliance to Strict Laws: A salient feature of the Dubai fashion industry is its adherence to sociocultural norms and regulations. Modesty in clothing is a predominant aspect, and many a time, models need to abide by this rule during runways or photoshoots.

4. Prejudice is real: Despite the celebrated diversity, the vicious claws of prejudice often creep into the industry. Unfair biases based on skin color, nationality, or body size, sadly, mar the shimmering world. ‘It is a tough journey, but every win against prejudice feels like a victory for all of us,’ shares a plus-size model from the city.

Beyond the Runway

5. Long Working Hours: A model’s typical day isn’t just a couple of hours on a chic runway. Photoshoots, rehearsals, workouts, and meetings often lead to grueling 12-hour workdays.

6. Ephemeral Careers: In the modelling business, time indeed flies. The peak age for a model, especially females, is shockingly brief and often expires as soon as in the early 20s.

7. Economic Inequality: The industry pampers top-notch models with lucrative paychecks, while newcomers or less-popular models usually find themselves grappling for a fair remuneration.

8. Pressure and Mental Health: The constant scrutiny and immense pressure to look ‘perfect’ can take a toll on models’ mental health. From body shaming to dealing with rejection, it can be a rocky road.

The last two points might give you pause, and perhaps, they should. Dubai’s modelling scene is glittering and glamorous, yet not without its trials and tribulations. As we flip through glossy magazines or admire ramp walks, it’s important to remember and respect the hard work behind the scenes.

What fact surprised you the most from these hidden truths? And next time you see a model strutting on a runway or beaming from a magazine, what will cross your mind?

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