5 Ways Tech Innovations are Reshaping Modelling

Have you ever been struck by how quickly technology leaps forward? Just yesterday, I was watching a VR runway show from the comfort of my living room. A digital model, no less real than her human counterpart, strutted down the runway wearing a virtual version of a haute couture dress. Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

Every day, the modeling world plunges deeper into the realms of technology, forever altering the face of fashion. A whopping 67% of modeling agencies are now using VR and AR tools, according to recent data. And Dubai, the epitome of architectural and technological innovation, happens to be at the forefront of these exciting advancements.

1. Virtual Reality (VR)

Remember when ‘walking a mile in someone’s shoes’ was just a figure of speech? With Virtual Reality, you can now literally experience a walk down the runway, without setting foot on it. Technology and fashion have entangled in a way that allows us to immerse ourselves in the world of the model, becoming the spectacle ourselves for a fleeting moment. Yes, even with those extra quarantine pounds!

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

Pairing perfectly with the concept of VR is Augmented Reality. This technology allows us to overlay the digital world onto our physical reality. Wondering how that dress on the runway would look in your wardrobe? AR allows you to do exactly that. And speaking of AR runways, how about the thrill of experiencing the high-end fashion shows across the globe without leaving your favorite couch?

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Remember the outrage of replacing humans with machines during the Industrial revolution? Well, let’s resurrect that drama. Artificial Intelligence is pushing boundaries in the fashion industry, potentially threatening conventional models. Don’t believe me? Meet Shudu Gram, the world’s first AI supermodel. She already boasts over 200,000 Instagram followers and a portfolio to die for! Remarkably, she’s not real but certainly challenges our notion of “real.”

4. Blockchain

Yes, you heard it right! The realm of fashion is not immune to the magnetic field of Blockchain. Iconic fashion brands are using blockchain technology to authenticate their products to fight counterfeiting. For models, it promises a transparent platform where their agreements and payments can be handled efficiently, promoting a safer work environment. In a nutshell, Blockchain is all set to revolutionize fashion’s operational ecosystem.

From the creation of counterfeit-proof dresses to virtually walking down high-fashion AR runways, technology is continuously blurring the lines between the real and the virtual, reinforcing the fact that the only constant in the world of fashion is change.

5. 3D Printing

Fashion has always been about expressing creativity and individuality. With 3D printing becoming more mainstream, designers are exploiting this technology to their benefit. Completely customizable, eco-friendly clothes are now a reality, bypassing the traditional limitations of textile manufacturing. Models flaunting such attire walks the line between mechanical and organic, between familiar and alien. It’s a brave new world indeed!

The technological evolution within the fashion industry has certainly opened up new vistas for models. Old norms are being questioned. New aspects of beauty and presentation are being defined, and technology is the driving force propelling this change. It’s fascinating, exciting and a wee bit scary too!

As technology continues to evolve and seep deeper into the fashion industry, the possibilities only grow. And, with Dubai leading the charge, the future of fashion modeling is ripe with potential. Let’s watch as boundaries are further pushed in a dance where tradition sways with innovation, bringing closer the new age of fashion.

Here’s to the future of fashion!

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