Behind the Scenes of a Successful Dubai Model: Diet, Exercise, and More

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Picture this: the bright lights, the flurry of stylists, the pulsating energy… It’s 5 minutes before you strut down the Dubai Fashion Week runway. Whispering a silent prayer, you pity the butterflies in your stomach as they fight to outdo your adrenaline. ‘Am I ready?’, you wonder. Transitioning from an emerging face to a full-fledged model in Dubai’s bustling fashion scene is a tightrope walk, but will require more than just a well-balanced diet and stringent fitness regimen.

With over 100 fashion houses and thousands of aspiring models, what does it take to stand out in Dubai’s modeling industry?

The Preparation: Flawless Diet and Fitness

As a model, your body is your temple, and what you feed it is just as important as your snapshots and struts. A model’s physique is like a well-oiled machine that’s kept in check with a balanced, nutritious diet, regular exercises, and plenty of water. Soup, salads, lean proteins, green veggies, fruits, and a controlled portion of carbs make the cut for a typical Dubai model’s diet regimen.

Now, regular fitness doesn’t translate to strenuous gymming, but exercise routines that intend to maintain your stature and improve posture. “It’s truly about moderation” says Nina, a successful Dubai model in one of her candid interviews. “Even during workouts, it’s not about pushing beyond limits every time but understanding your body’s needs and giving it the right attention.” She adds, pointing out that maintaining a routine of Yoga or Pilates, combined with light cardio, can help keep the body toned and flexible.

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Behind the Camera: Portfolio and Poses

Once your diet and fitness bases are covered, it’s time to let them shine through a first-rate portfolio. A modeling portfolio is essentially a collection of professionally photographed images that display your versatility as a model. The right portfolio gives a snapshot of your best looks, and it’s instrumental in catching the eye of a Dubai modeling agency.

In an industry where every click could be a potential contract, every pose becomes paramount. Keep in mind that you are more than a mannequin to model clothing; you are a canvas to a someone’s creative vision. As Krish, a well-known fashion photographer notes, “For a model, knowing your best angles is key. But more importantly, they need to have a distinctive style and the ability to portray a range of emotions.”

Understanding the Market: Versatility is Key

Dubai’s fashion scene is a vibrant mix of cultures, and brands seek models who reflect this diversity. Versatility is a key trait that agencies look for in their models, given the sheer variety of work in the city, from runway shows to product shoots and TV ads. Training your body is one aspect, but training your face, your expressions, and your walk can take you a long way in this dynamic landscape.

Persistence and Perseverance: The Unseen Battle

While the runway may seem all glitz and glamour at a glance, the path to becoming a successful model in Dubai does involve its fair share of struggles. Rebekah, a resident model, candidly shares her experience. “The industry is competitive. Rejection becomes a part of life, but it’s crucial not to let it define you. Persistence and a thick skin are what you need.”

There’s virtue in staying grounded amid the applause and flashbulbs. Learning to handle criticism, managing stress, and developing a resilient attitude will help you emerge stronger in this industry. Remember, failure is not falling down but refusing to get back up.

Shine in Your Unique Light

In the end, every model brings something unique to the table. It’s about owning your individuality and carving a niche for yourself in the dynamic world of Dubai fashion. Yes, you need to fit into the requirements, but models who leave a mark are those who embrace their uniqueness in an industry that often seems homogenized.

It’s a demanding career that seeks dedication but, as the sheen of the Dubai skyline would tell you, success is as delightful as the journey towards it.

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