Can You Make it in Dubai? The Realities of a Modelling Career in the UAE

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You are probably sitting at your desk, coffee in hand, mind wandering to the sandy dunes and lofty skyscrapers of Dubai. These fantasies might make you want to ask yourself, ‘Can I make it as a model in Dubai?’.

Surprisingly, the UAE has carved its niche among major global fashion cities like Paris, Milan and New York. Unique in its cultural vibrancy, Dubai caters to an expansive fashion taste; from the grandeur of traditional Arab attire to the sleek lines of modern Western couture.

Breaking into the Modelling Oasis

‘I remember my first casting in Dubai,’ says former runway model Sarah. ‘I wasn’t competing against faces. I was competing against backgrounds, cultures, personalities, stories.’ So, if you are considering to migrate over and model Dubai skyline on your portfolio, remember to pack more than just your stilettos and headshots.

Modeling is a serious business in Dubai; it’s not just about looking good in front of the camera. It’s about embodying the marriage of western design and eastern aesthetics, cast in the golden Arabian sun.

The Casting Call of the Desert

Domain expertise, resilience and versatility are the prime currency in Dubai’s modelling market. ‘You need to turn up at auditions willing to be a blank canvas, ready to metamorphose into what the designer envisions,’ Sarah adds. The flashy lifestyle is glamorous for sure but beneath those shiny pearls and designer gowns, there’s some serious hard graft.

Imagine the sweltering desert heat as the backdrop of your photoshoot. Sounds enticing? But here’s the catch, you dress up in autumn-winter attire. Now, the sultry equation of modelling in Dubai starts adding up. Sense of accomplishment wrapped in perspiration – that’s one way to describe it.

Portfolio, Patience and Perseverance

Building a portfolio that stands out is a Herculean task. You must imbibe the vibe of the city and translate it onto the camera. Your portfolio should narrate not just your talent but your ability to merge with Dubai’s vibrant and diverse fashion landscape.

Nonetheless, as they say, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ and neither will your modelling career in Dubai. The skyscrapers don’t just symbolize the literal heights this city has reached but they also represent the metaphorical mountains you’ll climb on your journey. But don’t let that dissuade you. Patience, along with a healthy dose of perseverance, often pays off in the long run.

Chasing Dreams in the Sands of Dubai

Now if you’re still reading, it means the idea of modelling under the arabesque arcs and minarets hasn’t scared you off. Good, because the Dubai fashion scene has just as much to offer the intrepid as it does the seasoned model.

The diversity of Dubai’s modelling arena can seem daunting; it can feel more like a labyrinth than a runway. But amidst the complexities, you’ll find it encourages a melting pot of styles, backgrounds and ideologies, creating a modelling oasis that is both demanding and rewarding.

So if you’ve seen the mirage of a modelling career in Dubai and are drawn to its allure, don’t simply daydream over your cup of coffee. Go pack your bags and chase that dream. Who knows, you might just make it in Dubai after all!

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