Exploring the Diversity of Modelling in Dubai: Plus Size, Petite, and More

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Remember when you first caught sight of a shiny, towering skyscraper piercing the bright blue Dubai sky? A flicker of astonishment sweeping over your face, a gulp of excitement lodged in your throat – it was your first glimpse into the city of dreams. You stood there, a universe of possibilities whispering in your ear, beckoning you towards a world of fashion and glamour. As you ask yourself, can I become a part of this glittering world? I say, why not? But where does one begin?

Did you know that the fashion industry in Dubai is as diverse as its captivating skyline? Filled with myriad opportunities, it’s a world that encourages and celebrates diversity. Plus size or petite, tall or short – there’s room for everyone. It’s like the city itself, a blend of different cultures and styles, each making its own unique mark.

The One-size-fits-all Myth, Busted!

You’ve heard it before, the endless prattle of physical requirements for models – the tall, sleek, photo-ready figures. But here in Dubai, the industry is thriving with a variety of modeling categories. ‘Petite models,’ ‘plus size models,’ ‘tattooed models,’ the categories are endless and increasingly inclusive.

If you stopped by a model portfolio Dubai showcasing event, you’d see a vast array of faces, each radiating a unique charm. ‘A model should look like this or that’ – this notion? Out the window!

“Why fit in when you can stand out?” A model once told me. And it’s true. Today, clients are in search of distinctive faces that stand apart, that invigorate, that tell a story – your story. This shift has been a breath of fresh air, redefining the modeling industry and striding miles away from the stereotype.

Startle them with Your Skills

Conquering the modeling world is similar to taming a wild horse. It’s not just about your appearance; it’s about mastering the art of communication, understanding fashion trends, and embodying the client’s vision in front of a camera. Youth or middle-aged, tattooed or freckled, short or tall; your unique charm can ignite the camera lens. But it needs to be paired with an unwavering commitment, discipline, and a knack for learning.

Even David Bowie didn’t become a star overnight. He played the piano, the guitar, he sang, he composed. He became the ‘Starman,’ a ‘Diamond Dog,’ a ‘Ziggy Stardust.’ Think of a modeling career in the same way. Your look gets you through the door, but your skills keep you in the game.

Plunge into Professional Training

Becoming a model isn’t as daunting as it’s made out to be. With the right guidance and training, you can sharpen your skills and learn the tricks of the trade. Professional modeling courses in Dubai cater to all modeling types providing comprehensive training for catwalk, commercials, and photo shoots. Go for it! Push your boundaries. Explore. Experiment. Falls are part of the journey. And eventually, that stumble on the runway becomes part of your style.

Embrace the Evolution, Forge Your Path

Dubai’s modeling industry is no stranger to evolution. From venerating waif-thin models to applauding the curvy and petite, the modeling canvas has broadened. Everyone has a unique story – a single mother, an enterprising student, a banker turned model – and it’s this story that takes you ahead. Your body type, your scars, your laugh lines don’t limit you; they contribute to your narrative in the fashion world.

Bring forth your authentic self. Embrace your stretch marks, love your freckles, flaunt your petite stature, and own your curves. Add not just a coat of gloss on your lips but a dash of courage in your attitude. It’s the dawn of a new era in modeling where you believe in your uniqueness rather than fit into a stereotype. If anyone tells you, you can’t make it because you don’t fit the traditional mold, remind them of Naomi Campbell, Ashley Graham, or Devon Aoki – models who defied the odds and paved their way.


Dubai’s united colors of fashion celebrate diversity and individuality. Being a model here is not conforming to standards, but about defining your own. So take that plunge, sign up for that class, craft that model portfolio, strut down that catwalk. After all, why fit into a mold when you were born to break it?

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