Revamp Your Portfolio: How VR is Influencing Modelling

Who hasn’t dreamt of taking center stage in fashion’s most enchanting runway? There was a time where I too wore my mother’s ill-fitting high-heels, parading in front of the mirror as I hoped the future would make room for my dreams. What if I told you that dozens of aspiring models in Dubai are living this experience right now, but with the immense twist of modern technology?

Unbeknownst to many, virtual reality (VR) is revolutionizing the modeling industry. Exciting, isn’t it? Talk about a rocking plot twist in the plot of fashion! Now, nosedive into the fashion and tech ocean with me, as we explore how VR has become fashion’s cutting-edge sidekick.

Virtually Strutting – The Runway Revolution

Dubai, known for its architectural innovation and record-breaking landmarks, has added another feather to its hat – taking lead in the adoption of VR in modeling. Traditional runways are becoming so last season as VR transcends physical barriers, creating immersive, 360-degree fashion experiences. On this ‘AR in fashion’ journey, the runway has been flipped and twisted in ways that would have once only been stuff of fiction.

‘How does it work?’ you might wonder. Well, envision a traditional runway show, and then strap a VR headset on it! Designers and models use 3D modeling software to create virtual avatars and collections. These digital personas then strut their stuff in cyberspace. A fanciful thought, isn’t it?

Here, models don’t just walk the runway; they own it, sculpt it, and warp it to their heart’s content. From skeletal dragons flying overhead to winding roads carved out of stardust, the VR runway is less a walkway and more an art piece.

Portfolios Get an Upgrade

And let’s not forget that all-important portfolio. Today’s portfolios are no longer simple digital lookbooks or composite cards. They’re transforming into full-fledged VR experiences. Like peering into a crystal ball, the viewer can explore different facets of a model’s work — from their various looks to their strut down a runway — as if they were right there. It’s an immersive portfolio that provides unbeatable depth and context. The VR portfolio seems like it’s out of an avant-garde cyberpunk novel, but make no mistake, it’s fast becoming the industry standard.

Donning the Techie Hat

But what does this mean for models? It’s high time they embrace the tech world. Models are now expected to be proficient in cutting-edge technology like VR and AR. The need to understand their digital bodies and the infinite possibilities of the virtual runway is crucial.

But doesn’t technology devalue the traditional skills needed amongst models? Quite the opposite – it amplifies them. Precision and creativity have always been cherished attributes of the industry. VR technology provides an additional platform for these qualities to shine brighter than ever. The virtual catwalk comes alive with the creative expression of the models. A quasi-real space where high fashion meets higher technology.

Shifting Sands in Fashion

From our traditional runway dreams to this digital reality, we’ve voyaged a considerable distance. Today, advancements such as VR have not only reshaped the modelling sphere but also democratized it. Aided by technology, the barriers of accessibility, geographical limitations, and representation are being rapidly dismantled. In the glamorous world of fashion, VR and AR technologies are not just bells and whistles, they’re essential tools transforming the industry and thrusting it into the future.

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