Unfolding the Drama: Behind the Seams of Dubai’s Modelling Business

The crisp morning breeze of Dubai often evokes a symphony of creativity in my mind. Sometimes, it takes me back to the time when I had just landed in this glittering oasis, fresh as a dew kissed leaf, dreams sparkling brighter than the city’s skyline. It’s funny how certain fragrances needle our memories, isn’t it? You agree, don’t you?

The world makes sense in its unique way, as I sip in the stories simmering within the labyrinth of Dubai’s modelling business. Shocked, are you? Hear me out. The ever-so-glamorous, the unapologetically majestic world of Dubai fashion industry—my home, my stage, my battlefield. A startling 80% of people outside the industry are unaware of what goes on behind the curtain.

Behind the Glitz and Glamour

‘Are you ready yet?’ echoes around, squeaking heels tap-tap, MUA brushes doing a dance routine over the model’s canvas face, clicks and flicks off-stage —all familiar voices in this whirlwind. As I pen down this chaos, I can’t help but go back to when I first dipped my toes into this sea of glimmer—naïve and curious. But that’s a tale for another time, perhaps another visit to make-up artists Dubai fashion shows.

Take a peek with me; let’s dive into the serene chaos of the backstage, unfolding the drama, the passion, the craftmanship that molds the face of this dazzling industry.

The Unseen Heroes

I often found myself awestruck at how every individual plays a pivotal role in crafting every show or image we see. From the buzzing make-up artists to the diligent designers fitting the clothes just right, to the tireless photographers capturing the perfect click. It’s a beautiful panorama of churning dreams into reality. Stunning, is it not?

The unsung heroes are these fantastic designers, undeterred by the time ticking away, fussing over every detail, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Every inch of fabric is worth a thousand tales, each weft and warp carefully strung together to mirror the designer’s vision. It’s poetry in motion.

Walk in My Shoes

While the audience sees the refined final display on the catwalk, the journey to get there is far from smooth. Terms like ‘creative differences’ might sound clichéd, but it’s a very real, tangible aspect that often gets brushed under the glitzy carpet. Negotiations, clarifications, some tears shed in the corners sometimes—it’s a roller-coaster ride no one really speaks about.

The Models: More Than Just a Pretty Face

The clock ticks away. Focus shifts to the models. Often relegated to mere hangers, the models are the face that lends life to an otherwise inanimate outfit. It’s not all about high cheekbones and a stunning walk; surviving rigorous routines, long hours, dietary restrictions, and constant scrutiny is also part of the package. There’s more to their story hidden behind those sprawling glossy pages.

So, Is It All Worth It?

Every time I step behind the scenes, I take a deep breath, apprehending the whirlwind I’m about to be part of. And yet, despite the stress, the gore, and the tears, there’s a magnetic pull. A constant match between the creative and the practical, the vision and the execution —it’s this thrill that’s worth every second.

The fashion industry, just like life, is a beautifully embroidered tapestry of highs and lows. A wild, captivating ride. The question is, are you ready to peek behind the curtain, to glimpse the realities that help craft such a mesmerizing dream?

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